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Monday, December 13, 2010

Now that I have a Level 85 Mage...

Now that I have a Level 85 Mage, I have some projects in line. I ditched my arcane spec so that I could level as frost. Because the cataclysm mobs hit harder it was so much easier to be frost again to even the playing field since my epic ICC gear didn't allow me to faceroll the cataclysm mobs before they showed up at my doorstep knocking with a giant claw swipe or shield bash. As all mages will know, frostbolts, your go to spell in frost spec, slows your enemies movement by 40% and if you get the brainfreeze proc you can slow them by 70%. this is especially handy when all five of your frost nova stuns are on cooldown. The five I am talking about are Deep Freeze, Frost Nova and Cone of Cold talented if they get too close, your ice barrier when it explodes (talented of course) and your water elemental's ranged frost nova. Very rarely while leveling did a mob get a hit on my before they died. Even with all these abilities I found it very hard to group up mobs and AoE them down with Blizzard. Frost Nova would break too early even glyphed and the mobs had so much health that blizzard didn't match up with the single target bonuses from frozen targets using ice lance.

So I plan to make a video demonstrating frost mages at level 85 in dungeons and raids as well as out soloing. I'm slowly working on the loremaster meta achievement so I can demonstrate on some cataclysm mobs. I'd also like to do the same for fire since it is my preferred spec. I may even do arcane though it's horribly boring. Once these projects are done I'll move on to my next character class. I'll get Aeonknight to make a few paladin and druid videos as well.

Also I have been making a run or too through a little known cave in the Eastern Plaguelands spamming Arcane Explosion to kill about 250 critters by the time I reach the exit of the cave. I'm helping my guild work on the guild achievement Critter Kill Squad. While I was out there I made a run through Stratholme for a shot at the Rivendare mount. I didn't get the mount but got the quests to kill some bosses in the dungeon after I had cleared it. So I went outside, cleared my bags and went back inside to complete the quests. I killed Baron Rivendare and he dropped his mount! It was only my 23rd run on Stratholme on Valinet. I filmed the feat of strength when I got to Orgrimmar and I will upload a video for you all.


  1. I have run Stratholme for that mount so many times!! That's awesome you got it on your 23rd run...I'm still waiting :P


  2. You'll get it one day. I've yet to seriously start running the BC dungeons for mounts there so I know that I will spend a lot of time there to balance out getting the Baron's mount so quick. Nice blog by the way.