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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Plan for 2013 for WoWGoldTitans

1. eSports Team
a. Starting with WoWTang Clan members
b. Open tryouts?
c. Games we will be playing
i. League of Legends
ii. Dota 2
iii. Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty & Heart of the Swarm
iv. Path of Exile races
2.  "Alt Tabbed" a Wayne's World Type Show
     a. Weekly Livestream show on
b. Random topics, unscripted and unplanned for about an hour
i. Gaming news
ii. Upcoming games we plan to play
iii. Games we've been playing that week
iv. Short 5 min skits
c. Play games and discuss topics
d. Guests brought on
3. Livestream Plans
a. Short set schedule
b. Variety of games played
4. Videos for Youtube
a. Music video and song parodies
b. Continuing established series
i. Let's (Role) Play WoW
ii. Tales of the Scrolls
iii. Quests of Lore
iv. SWTOR Leveling series
c. Start new series
i. Diablo III budget builds of the week
ii. More to come