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Monday, September 19, 2011

Extra Life

One of my friends at Trion Worlds is going to be raising money for Extra Life, a charity that raises money for children's hospitals. He and many others at Trion will be playing video games for 24 hours to raise the money. I will be linking his extra life profile as the date comes closer. I hope you all donate to someone that is participating.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Leveling through Burning Crusade

So I have been leveling a goblin rogue since Cata came out and got stuck/lost my motivation around level 56 or so knowing that soon I would be trying to level through Burning Crusade content. Most people I know have such a hard time and feels like such a drag to go back through BC. Because of Cata, all the level 1 through 60 zones were reworked in some way to fit current lore and improve the leveling experience. This makes BC the oldest content in the game. Blizzard introduced a few new things from vanilla WoW to BC, but it still is mostly the basic kill stuff, loot stuff and pick up item type of quests. Nowadays that isn't enough for the average (or even veteran mmo player as they have done this type of gameplay mechanic innumerable amount of times). Today I finally finished a week long struggle through the BC content to get my rogue to the magical level 68. Now that I can level through Northrend content I'm not sure if the experience will remain the same or improve as even more questing mechanics were improved or introduced. Time will tell and then I will update here. Share your thoughts about BC leveling down below.

I find dungeon grinding to be a waste of time as a dps in the long queues and even a tank or healer you can only move through a dungeon as fast as your dps are smart and geared. At that point you are basically asking other people to level for you.