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Monday, December 6, 2010

Cataclysm!!!!! and GOLD TITANS Guild News

Lots of progress, leveling, gear and achievements will be coming very fast as Cataclysm is released tonight. Hope everyone is going to have fun. Valinet and Aeonknight will be attending a midnight release party at our local Best Buy. We're bringing a camera to film the festivities so. Both of us are getting collector's editions fo Cataclysm so we'll show you what's inside and the pet that comes with it. This will be Valinet's first CE of WoW and midnight release while Aeonknight has many CEs. Remember to update your add ons, stock up some food so you don't have to leave your computer, and clear up plenty of bag space for leveling. Valinet and Aeonknight are planning to go to Vash'ir first. And the one benefit from being on a small server is that we won't have to wait to login, and there shouldn't be any lag with everyone logging in at the same time.

Follow the achievements and adventures of (GOLD TITANS) on the guild's armory page here.

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