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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Rift, WoW, and Other News

So I have been having fun with Rift the last few days. I raised a dwarf warrior to level 20 in a paladin-y AoE mob handling fashion. Quests have been enjoyable and it's great to get distracted by the occasional rift event. PvP is fun as well though most don't know how the first game works. It's capture the flag except you don't take the flag anywhere. You get more points for your team by holding the flag closer to the middle of the arena. And the flag, or Fang of Regulos, hurts you over time so you need to be healed or die. So most people just end up player killing like good old Warsong Gulch.

So good news. Aeon and I have agreed to open up the blog and YouTube channel to more games than WoW, though WoW will get the most attention.

Lately in WoW news, Aeon and I have been running lots of arenas to get our Vicious Gladiator's gear. Aeon now has a 5 set of VG, while I have 2/5 VG and the other 3 Bloodthirtsy, the VG boots, ring, staff and wand. We have a rating of over 1220. Our goal every week is to get Conquest point capped to get gear. Once we have enough gear we'll run more enough to get 5 wins and capped. I haven't even been signing on to do dailies! Just PvP. I have finally been able to convince my guild to settle on a regular time slot for grouping. So on the weeknights we've been doing a random heroic or two. We aren't gear for raids yet and are still looking for more consistent level 85s. After that three or four of us head out to classic dungeons or BC heroics and get some guild experience and achievements.